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  • YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES SPACE presents sophisticated and exclusive full collection for both men and women, including accessories that target an urban ,timeless and innovative aesthetics. The flag store offers a specially curated mix of fashion and culture, fulfilling the need for excellent customer service .
    Photo: Christos Tzimas | Styling: Kalliroe Foni
  • Stavros Niarxos Fundation  - Grims Brothers Christmas farytales
    Director: Yiorgos Nanouris | Actors: Mihalis Sarantis , Dimitris Lignadis, Haris Fragoulis dressed in Yiorgos Elefhteriades
    Photos: Mariza Ksapsadeli | Kiki Papadopoulou 
  • BIANCA LoVES MEN style
    Photo: Christos Tzimas | Styling: Thanos Koutsolampros
  • Kovacs wearing Yiorgos Eleftheriades Jumpsuit - Hilton magazine
    Photo: Pinelopi Masouri | Fashion Editor: Eleni Nomidi | MUA: Eva Tsalkitzi
  • TEST
    Photo: Haralampos Gianakopoulos | Styling: Aristides Zois 
    Photo: Yiorgos Kaplanidis | Styling: Thanos Koutsolampros |Makeup Artist: Cristel Tomas | Model: Oscar [D models]
  • Tailoring Stories
    Photo: Dionisis Andrianopoulos | Styling: George Karapetis
    Photo: Ioanna Tzetzoumi Styling: Yiorgos Mesimeris
    Photographer: Maria Chatziathanasiadi | Fashion Editor: Ivi Koutsoudaki | Make up Artist & Hair Stylist: Aggeliki Trikogia | Photography Assistant: Avgi Papagiannidi | Model: Kaja, Daryna @Ace models
  • La
    Photographer: Costas Simos | Fashion Editor: Ivi Koutsoudaki | Make up Artist: Aggeliki Trikogia | Hair Stylist: Yannis Kyriazos | Model: Maddie @Ace models
  • Leon of Athens & Chóres at Athens and Epidaurus Festival
    Photo: Kostas Kokonos | Styling: Thanos Koutsolampros | Model: Elena Casablanca Nyamwaya Odul
    Photo: Aggelos Potamianos | Styling: Thanos Koutsolampros | Model: Daria Milky
    Photo: Kelly Filiou | Stylist: Evangelia Delenda
  • Photography: Despina Zitaki | Styling: Nikos Zanas | Make up, Hair: Kristel Toma | Model: Linda Verbele @Ace Models Athens
  • Leon of Athens
    Live @en lefko 525 live sessions
    Photo: Christos Tzimas | Stylist: Thanos Koutsolambros | Model: lepetitprince
    PHOTO: Kelly Filiou: Stylist: Evangelia Delenda
  • Yiorgos Eleftheriades SS/18 - Electric Incantation
    Developing signatures of constant innovation and exploring the subtly nonconformist spirit of an alternative active woman, Yiorgos Eleftheriades SS18 collection creates a free play with rebellious femininity. The SS18 woman seduces and surprises with her ineffable sense of sensuality drawing upon masculine elements suggestive of multidimensional forms and extraordinary combinations.  The sartorial plot of the collection is defined through the indivisible connectivity established between the feminine and masculine components in a time which intuitively unites what once has been interpreted as two distinct worlds.  The broad spectrum of clothes are complemented by diverse textile choices to further enhance the core of the collection's spirit purposefully on the route of personal expression for each and every individual. Among the meticulous tailoring of pure silk crepe, satin monochrome and the “ NO SIGNAL” graphic prints, the collection further introduces fabrics such as georgette, poplin, cotton, cool wool and gabardine in a colour assemblage derived from the men's wardrobe. The equilibrium of the fusion is ensured by sorting out outdated conceptions while demonstrating the sense of a woman who can go anywhere. The Yiorgos Eleftheriades SS18 collection confirms that the wearer is a dynamic cosmopolitan being who chooses to live in the now doing away with stereotypes and anachronous values. As a further artful awakening of the senses, the collection's editorial embraces the deep acknowledgement of the connection between the environment and the human position in it. The Eleftheriades woman stands unlimited. She is an indispensable element of the forest calling upon the essential notion of a modern druid endowed with the extraordinary gift of protecting the perennial beauty which lives within and around.  Text: Eleni Kostopoulou | Photo: Mara Desypris
  • Yiorgos Eleftheriades Interview -
    Photographer Nikos Vardakastanis | Journalist: Maria Zeimpeoglou
  • Katerina Misichroni Interview
    Photographer Panayiotis Simopoulos |Concept Editor/Journalist: Maria Zeimpeoglou | Stylist: Thanos Koutsolampros | Make up Artist/Hair Stylist: Faidon Papazoglou
  • Παλτό lacta movie - Φάνης Μουρατίδης
  • Leon of Athens @passport 9/2
    Photo: Ioanna Hatziandreou, Mihalis Missas|  Make up: Alexandra Rentzou
  • Winter Play
    Photo: Panagiotis Jonsson Korkidis | Fashion Editor: Despina Ignatoglou | Model: Anastasia Milly with Fashion Cult Athens.
  • India rocking
    Photo: Aggelos Potamianos | Styling: George Karampetis | Model: India Ruiterman
    Photo: Haralampos Giannakopoulos | Styling: Aristides Zois
    Photo: Ioanna Tsetsouni | Styling: Yiorgos Mesimeris
    Photo: Panagiotis Jonsson Korkidis | Styling: Eleni Kostopoulos | Model: Nicole Sunde, Fashion Cult
  • Tendance
    Photography: Kostas Avgoulis | Styling: Yiorgos Segradakis
  • Portrait
    Photo: Panos Katsos | Styling: Elena Papastaurou | Make up & hair Renos Politis
  • INSTINCTIVE DÉNOUEMENT - Cloudline Chic Flows
  • Yiorgos Eleftheriades AW 16/17 - "Reconstructed vibrations"
    Yiorgos Eleftheriades FW16 collection is all about the tension of hard and soft. The designs materialise the contrast of dark and light in the signature Eleftheriades exploration of binaries and gracefully manipulate the subtle tensions between the interpretations the wearer can reflect upon.
    Directly playing with the notion of functionality, the line subversively composes elements of dark synth 80's and power dressing perceived under a contemporary spectrum of new minimalism. Yiorgos Eleftheriades in this FW16 further develops a highly textural foundation: Grunge ultra cosy cashmere and wool boucle styles with coloured fibbers are in unison with revisited crepe and satin luxe American Pioneer hemlines. Cross-referencing the "Garden of Eden " in cotton microprint, the designer simultaneously addresses a romantic undertone. Essential pockets, soft leather, utilitarian compositions, hi tech waterproof garments suffused with metal fibbers possess characteristics of symmetry and balance that emphasise a strong unwavering sense of self for the au currant woman whose intellectual gravity is further enhanced. 
    Another key element for the FW 16 collection is the sleek mix and match of layered textures in the distinctive Eleftheriades architectural discourse. Fierce and androgynous give way to the feminine and sensual in a cohesive urban touch where silk muslin coexists with herringbone prints, and wool gabardine metamorphose self presentation. Yiorgos Eleftheriades in his classic innovation presents a limitless polished aesthetic directness. The collection connects the conceptual with the creative in an artful characteristically energetic manner which transcends and unites juxtapositions. 

    Photo: Nikos Vardakastanis | Text: Eleni Kostopoulou
  • YESYMPHONY AW 16/17 - "Instinctive Denouement"
    The Fall Winter 16 diffusion collection YESYMPHONY directly explores a highly evolved taste level through profound, controlled and meta-sophisticated tailoring punched with rich colours and modernist classic cool elements.
    Yiorgos Eleftheriades establishes a clean cut design level where unrestricted silhouettes spring within monochrome wool American style plaid with mat surfaces and mature artfully in masculine trench coats, cotton and Cupro shirt fabrics or novelty spun chenille and organza details.
    Serving as incubators of Asian minimalism or punctuated with serene and subversive dynamism, the FW 16 YESYMPHONY line is characterised by architectural layering, textural components and multiple lengths play. Loyal to the Yiorgos Eleftheriades craftsmanship, the feminine silhouette is allowed to be expressed through a spectrum of French nonchalance and tomboyish elegance constructed upon a polished effortless basis.
    The wearer can easily discern the refined sculptural movements of the fabrics as crepe, viscose melange, and satin equally contradict and complement the boxy oversized outerwear in leather and metal surfaces.
    Unusual and precise, the FW16 YESYMPHONY reined by a fluent "femasculine" slant, can be perceived and translated as a carefully orchestrated panopticon of styling eloquence.

    Photo: Nikos Vardakastanis | Text: Eleni Kostopoulou
  • Yiorgos Eleftheriades A/W 16-17 Illustrations by Leonidas Liolios
  • Evridiki on the beach |
    Photo: Christos Tzimas | Styling: Notis Sakoulas
  • Portrait |
    Photo: Christos Tzimas | Styling: Notis Sakoulas
  • Hyakinthus |
    Optical illusion prints imbued within fluidity. Yiorgos Eleftheriades writes the story of Spring 16 in an unrestricted manner where structured shapes give way to darkly delicate portraits of his immediately recognisable tailoring. Silk, satin and sharp cotton communicate in the full spectrum of coolness and balance, while the brand’s stamp is set upon each and every piece as the timeless celebration of individuality and diversity. This collection’s inspirational vehicle became the 18th century intricately cut pirate jackets and 20’s elongated silhouettes. My own insight was to turn myself into an obscure ghostly image of a sea rover elevated in the shadowy whiteness of the insubstantial with a sole hyacinthus orientalis as my lifeboat.

    Photo: Panagiotis Jonsson |

  • Absence of Necessity - SS16
    Geometrical shapes and contemporary architectural movements are very much the basis of the Spring Summer 2016 collection, translating into asymmetrical folds, pleats and origami techniques. Much of the strength in the work of Yiorgos Eleftheriades derives from the way he approaches tailoring, infusing it into daywear and evening clothes, bold or soft outlines alike. Fluidity versus firmness and the idea of unconstrained movement are the reasoning behind the designer’s pursuit of balance and poise in his new collection.
    This season, inspiration comes from 18th century intricately cut pirate jackets, 1920s elongated boxy silhouettes and the dramatic flared shapes of couture. The trousers are kept short, the skirts – whether short or long – are infused with panels or folds for added movement. Cut-outs and twists in the cut aim to provoke a sensual feeling even in the most austere pieces.
    The fabrics, various types of silk and satin, metallic lace with geometrical patterns and clean, sharp cotton fill the need for clothes with a beautiful touch on the skin. A neutral color palette of white, black, sand and petrol is offset by a series of ‘optical illusion’ prints inspired by herringbone patterns designed by the visual artist GRAAM, exclusively for the Yiorgos Eleftheriades S/S 16 collection.

    photo: Nikos Vardakastanis | styling: Nickolas Georgiou | stylist assistant: George Karapetis | hair/make up: Athina Karakitsou | Artwork: GRAAM
  • GYNAIKA magazine
    Yioulika Skafida - Total look Yiorgos Eleftheriades | Styling: Myrto Kritsiotaki
  • Object In The Dream |
    "None of the many doors of creation is steeped in immobility. Not when Yiorgos Eleftheriades makes sure that our unconscious is prepared for his carefully devised sartorial poetics. His creative “sun” is poised directly overhead. The sunbeams gleam minimal flares while the shapes remain clean yet wonderfully structured. The objects of the artistic experience channel a pure vision of conceptualism and excite emotion. In the FW15, communication lies beyond the components of expression, replacing it by its own medium of contact and dialogue. Thus, “La Belle” transcends time and delves into memories that have not yet come to pass. A symphony labeled as “Memories from a future dream“. What follows from the work of art is not restricted to the realm of aesthetics. Instead, like the laboriously contrived framework of sentences, vestments provoke intellectualism which is further transposed into garments chosen from an enigmatic creature sharply defined by depth of spirit. In the centre of a spectral room she aims to dance to Mary Lou Williams standing for a minute as a portrait of complicated demeanour. Nor male or female the silhouette appears constant between an imperceptible lightening of a winter heart and a harmonically composed serene fatalism within the narrative configuration of timelessness."

    Photo: Panagiotis Jonsson |
  • W-MEN
    photo: Ioanna Tzetzoumi / styling: Yiorgos Mesimeris / Hair-Make Up : Konstantinos Sakkas
  • What we loved_FW 2015_No7 -
    collage by MAGNeTO
  • "Un nouvel homme" - AW15
    Yiorgos Eleftheriades exposes in his latest menswear collection a fascinating narration, neatly tucked in-between his tailored oversized pants and cozy crewneck sweaters. Still frames from a retro movie brought back to life, a careless boy with a deadly secret trying on his father’s clothes, or even the everlasting attempt of the shadows to flirt and finally seduce the light.
    The materials themselves seem to be in the forefront, where felt, wool and ecological leather come together with sculptured volumes and architectural cuts in order to provide us with the necessary clues to solve the mystery, but it’s up to us to find the murderer. The color pallet ranges from basic classic tones of black, grey and blue to more vivid details of bloody red and bright yellow which complete the looks with a modern and fresh approach. Structured long coats, body fitting sweaters paired with big oversized pants, geometric patterned shirts and hooded overcoats compose a collection dedicated to the reinvention of menswear basics, finished with a signature Eleftheriades’ minimalistic touch.
    The ephemeral and the classic, the old and the new, the boy and the man, contrasts that end up charged with an impressive artistic value and become a valuable medium of expression. Key component in the process has to be the motive of youth, interpreted here more like a state of mind rather than an age objective, that runs thought each and every piece individually, overlapping traditional menswear dress codes, disobeying rules and creating new ones. All of the broken smiles, random touches and rushed hugs of a teenager are combined with the expressive voice of a solid menswear wardrobe showcasing an intricate compositional ability and at the same time demonstrating exactly what contemporary fashion is all about. Learning from the past, but always creating for the future; paring traditions with progression.
  • “Emergence of an appearance” - A/W 14-15
    "She shaved her head. Next she lacquered it a high vermilion. Then she stole the crepe from the door of a house of mourning and made a dress of it." The words belong to Margaret Anderson, founder of the avant-garde journal known as The Little Review, describing a visit of the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven in 1921.
    The women of the Dada movement, their geometrical silhouettes, their urban sophistication and their ability to combine a certain extravagance with practicality were the starting point of the Autumn Winter '14 collection of Yiorgos Eleftheriades. For the men’s line the inspiration comes by the freedom of Bohemian men's wardrobes and the way Sportswear enables the body to perform perfectly in extreme movement of Dada.
    The shapes of the collection both for mens and womens are conceived to resemble the swift lines and the mismatched shapes of Post Modern Architecture at the beginning of the movement in the 1950s. The patterns, geometrical appliqués and surrealistic animal prints highlight the patchwork combinations, a technique incorporated in the cut of the clothes.
    Fabrics such as flannel, felt, wool and silk crepe, duchesse satin, velvet, sheer wool jersey, cotton and leather are used in interesting combinations to achieve a play on texture and to ignite a dialogue between fluid and rigid shapes.
    The colour palette is dominated by a series of disaturated neutral tones teamed with rich shades of aubergine, bordeaux, camel and aquamarine. The final result is aimed towards the achievement of lasting Style against the ephemeral reign of Fashion.
  • YE Bags AW14

    Photo-artwork by magneto

  • Costis Maravegias for VOTRE BEAUTE
    Photo by Ioanna Chatziandreou | Styling by E. Papastavrou + E. Psalti
    SS 2014
    Photo by V. Karidis | Fashion by N. Georgiou
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
  • YE Campaign
    SS 2014
    Photo by V. Karidis | Styling by N. Georgiou

    Concept & Photo by Magneto 4

    With a nod to post-modern minimalism and the importance of balance in the structure of a garment, the Spring Summer 2014 collection of Yiorgos Eleftheriades is basically a series of sculptured silhouettes. The effect is achieved via sharp shapes with applicated details, cut-outs and paper like effects. Individual pieces can be easily juxtaposed in a variety of layered combinations, a clean colour palette and monochrome prints in black and white. The collection's main purpose is to create an easy-going but glamorous at the same time wardrobe, that fits το elegant contemporary female in whatever environment she chooses to inhabit.

  • The actor Christos Loulis for Hope Magazine
    Photo by Yiorgos Kaplanidis | Fashion by Ilias Mihalolias & Haris Gotzamanidis
  • Sheer Seduction
    SS 2013
    Concept & Photo by Magneto
  • The amazing actress Kora Karvouni for Hope Magazine
    Total Look by YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES | Photo by Yiorgos Kaplanidis | Fashion by Ilias Mihalolias & Haris Gotzamanidis"
  • YE Accessories - SS 2014
    Editorial @ | Concept & Photo by Magneto
    AW 2013
    Artwork by Magneto
    AW 2013
    Photo & Artwork by Magneto | Styling by Yioel
    AW 2013
    Photo by Magneto | Styling by Yioel
  • The birth of Couture
    SS 2013
    Concept by Yiorgos Eleftheriades 4 | Photo by P. Davios
    SS 2013
    Photo by P. Davios | Styling by Yioel
  • Artwork
    SS 2013
    Concept & Photo by Magneto
    SS 2013
    Photo & Artwork by Magneto